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Thea has been involved with the station for many years and co-hosts International Rendezvous and The German Show. Thea was elected to the Board in 2012. At the 2017 AGM Thea Clarke become the Chairperson of Triple Y.

Paul Devlin was newly elected as Vice Chairperson in 2016.

Mary-Ann has a finance and accounting background and has been involved with Triple Y for many years as Treasurer. Mary-Ann is also the Office Administrator and handles all general enquiries, manages the office on a day to day basis, handles all financial business, transactions, oversees sponsorship and a number of programming aspects related to sponsors […]

Simeon Spargo is a new member to the station as well as now the new secretary, Simeon has had a history with in boards and will be valuable asset to the station. Simeon also presents a 3 times monthly show called “The Spargo show”, Playing many requests and your favourite songs from nearly any type […]

Vig Has been involved with the station since inception. Vig has hosted a number of shows over the years and was co-opted to the Board in 2012 and elected as a Board Member in 2014.

Neil is a long-standing Life Member and has returned to the Board. Neil hosts Friday Night Live and Saturday Morning Live “Free Plug Saturday”.

Marc Littlewood is a co-opted board member and the station content director. Marc has has 2 involvements with the station in the late 90’s & early 2000’s and once again from 2011 to current.

Anne Joined Triple Y in 2011 and was elected to the Board in the same year in the capacity of Secretary. Anne hosts a number of shows including Community Soapbox, The Council Show, The Celtic Hour, Sunday Night Jazz and The Blues Show. Anne co-ordinates Trainees in preparation for on air announcing. From 2016 Anne […]

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